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Sizegenetics has been in the market for quite a long time now. When it was released most of the people called it another penis enlargement scam. However it has proved its worth over the period of time. But does sizegenetics really work & it it really that effective penis enlargement device?

What is Sizegenetics

top penis extenderSize Genetics is one of the clinically proven methods of non-surgical penis enlargement. It is probably the only medically backed device that can help you in:

  • Increasing your penis length
  • Increasing the penis girth
  • Reducing penis curvature
  • Straightening of bent or curved penis
  • Improving erection hardness
  • Providing more control on ejaculation

With the complete system, you get:

Clinically tested, medical type 1 device

Unlike other cheaper devices, which are not clinically proven, SizeGenetics has under gone many clinical trials which means you can be rest assured of quality with this device.

Medically endorsed device

Sizegenetic is made with Medical Type 1 materials and according to CE standards.

top penis extender

How does Sizegenetics work?

Some enlargement pills are also helpful in penis enlargement however enlargement is not a primary objective of such pills. Additionally the pills result in temporary enlargement due to increased blood flow. Penis pumps & weights are dangerous while surgery is expensive.

Sizegenetics extender does not rely on any of such techniques. It simply utilizes the ancient technique of traction & is able to enlarge your penis naturally. The device can also straighten out any curve or bent you may have.

It works by applying traction along the corpora cavernosa. This traction causes cells within the penis split & begin replicating resulting in healthy new cells and an growth of tissue mass within the penis chambers. This increased tissue mass allows more blood to enter the penis. Over few weeks this growth becomes permanent causing an increase in the length & width of the penis. The process is very similar to the process followed in some orthopedic surgeries.

In one of the studies conducted in on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery, 18 patients who were asked to wear SizeGenetics device achieved a massive penis growth of up to 30%.

Though Sizegenetics extender is designed for effective penis enlargement, it is not the only thing it achieves. The device can help correct penile curvatures by 60%. Additionally the device can also help in treatment of peyronies & small penis. Sizegenetics system includes the penis exercises to fasten the process of enlargement resulting in a permanent growth of around 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

Here is a video on how this device works:

What do you get with SizeGenetics package?

The cheap penis enlargement devices are usually sold with some spare parts. However this extender comes as a package which includes essential elements like exercise DVD, sex improvement tips, exclusive access to popular penis enlargement programs and of course spare parts. In case you need more spare parts for sizegenetics, you can order from the official site.

The most important aspect of the device is the fact that it comes with a no questions asked 6 month money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the extender, you can return the device for a full refund. But after using this device it very unlikely that you will want to return it.

Sizegenetics Bonus

sizegenetics package

Sizegenetics system offers some fantastic bonuses along with your purchase. Some of these include:

PenisHealth Exercise Program DVD

PenisHealth penis enlargement program contains tons of exercises & techniques on DVD. These exercises are developed to help speed up and enhance gains. Now Sizegenetics device itself is capable of delivering more than expected gains but adding penis exercises to your routine along with extender will result in faster enlargement.

PenisHealth Online Access

As well as the DVD you also get access to the PenisHealth program online. As with the DVD, these exercises help bring your size gains even faster. In addition you will also learn secret exercises that can help you gain harder erections on demand and get control over your ejaculations so you never climax too soon again.

Lovecentria Online Access

The bonus also includes exclusive unlimited access to the Lovecentria website. Lovecentria site provides you all the information you need to spice your sex life. The position guide available on the site is something that you should not miss.

Better Sex Guide DVDs

The better sex DVD’s included in the bonus package will teach you ways to improve your relationship with women. No other penis enlargement system has these DVD’s being offered as bonus.

Free Bonuses

Othe bonus offered with Sizegenetics package includes free access to Mens Forte, online magazine dedicated to Men & provides tons of tips on dating, sex, money etc. Additionally you also get 2 e-books on art of seduction & fitness. The overall value of these bonus items is in the range of $150-$200.

Size Genetics media endorsements

Apart from the popularity amongst penis enlargement enthusiasts, the device is also popular in the media for its ability to deliver results.

Jonathan Ross from the Friday Night Show in his show highlighted how the device can help you get faster results. GQ magazines reviewer James Mulligan and journalist Tim Shaw, actually tried the extender & reported the growth between 0.5 to 1 inches.

Sizegenetics Benefits

So is the device worth the money? Absolutely yes. If you wish to see effective & permanent results, this is the device for you. With this extender, you also get to choose the pricing option. Apart from the bonus, you also get the following benefits:

  • Clinically proven certified medical type 1 device
  • Official Penis Health DVD for additional enlargement exercises
  • Unrestricted access to PenisHealth & Lovecentria
  • High quality accessories & travel bag
  • No questions asked full 6 months money back guarantee
  • 24 hour customer service

The instruction DVD that comes along with Size genetics includes exercises that are can not only help you faster enlargement but also help resolve issues like impotence and premature ejaculation.

Overall rating

Costs: costs
Value for Money: 4.5
Effectiveness: 4.5
Speed: 4.5
Length Gains: 4.5
Girth Gains: 4.5


Though there many other penis stretchers which offer similar guarantee, no other product offers bonus equivalent to what you get with sizegenetic. Sizegenetics beats other extenders in various parameters like quality, effectiveness & speed.

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